AppRefactoring Tools


Analyze source code uploaded to the service and compare it to another projects.

Mobile Platforms

Supported Mobile Platforms : IOS, Android, UNITY

Programming Languages

Supported languages : Java, Kotlin, Swift, С#, JavaScript, Typescript, Objective-C.


An ability to compare your project to all database, not only uploaded.


An ability to include your own exceptions while analyzing.

File Support

Supported File Formats : XML and JSON

Why App refactoring?

See what issues App refactoring can handle.

  • green Code analysis

    Our service will help you analyze not only the code superficially, but also in-depth, you will receive data on the structure of classes, methods, names of any files, variables, images, data flow analysis and everything that is in your project. Compare and manage code changes with ease!

  • green Support for different languages

    The App refactoring will help you analyze projects written in Swift.

  • green Codebase Comparison

    You will have your personal database of projects at your disposal, in which you can compare any projects with each other. With it, you can easily find errors in the code and duplicates.

  • green Speed up your analysis

    Using the ignore function, you can optimize the analysis process by not taking into account certain files, classes, methods, or variables that are not needed during the analysis.